about us

Tiny Acre Farm is a 3/4 acre farm tucked away in the quiet corner of Woodstock, Conn. We specialize in soil-grown micro greens and shoots, salad greens, edible blooms, and cut flowers for chefs and specialty markets across CT, MA and RI.

Although the farm has borrowed from many different styles of growing, the main focus is low/no-till, regenerative, intensive farming with no sprays or synthetic fertilizers ever used.

Tiny Acre Farm was started by partners Matt Skobrak and Callah Racine on a piece of leased land in Woodstock in late Winter 2015.

The two started growing for a small CSA and a few local restaurants in town. The first two years were intense trial and error for testing the market. Since then, Tiny Acre has moved towards working primarily with chefs and local eateries, servicing over 50 restaurants, 3 grocers, a flower CSA and a part-time farmer’s market.


Matt Skobrak

Matt comes from a culinary background with a bachelors degree from New England Culinary Institute with an emphasis on Sustainability. He found a like for farming when interning at Crabapple Farm in Chesterfield, Ma in 2013.

Sick of the day to day as a chef in a kitchen, Tiny Acre was born. With Matt’s intense love for food, he wanted to still be a part of the farm to table community without slaving away over a hot stove.


Callah Racine

Callah moved back to CT from RI in 2013 to pursue a career in brewing. While working as a brewer at Bentley Brewing Company in Southbridge, MA, she met Matt and their mutual love for local food and beer quickly blossomed into the seed that would grow Tiny Acre Farm.

Always the creative, Callah is the driving force behind the flowers on the farm. She immediately picked up a talent for growing and arranging flowers, per her namesake, the calla lily.

When these two farmers aren’t out in the field or making deliveries, you can find them at a hip-hop show, listening to true crime podcasts, practicing stand up comedy bits, or snoozing on the couch with Lando, the farm dog.